ANSA Slovakia – Carnival 2015

Since it’s that time of year again, when the moon, Jesus and a really old aunt has decided that easter and pentecost will come within weeks, tradition has it that there shall be thrown a very special kind of celebration. One that now-a-days perhaps is not correlated so much with religion, as with The Walking Dead, Minions and other well-known TV and movie personalities. But still is celebrated just as truthfully and well-meaningfully as originally intended. I am of course speaking of the most colourful of all our traditions – the Carnival. In Košice, this was held the first weekend of March, in Martin, only last night.

ANSA Slovakia would like to thank everyone for joining these festive events, and congratulate you all on your creativity and imagination! You have all out-done yourselves with costumes out-of-this-world! If possible, there should be more than just one award for best costume, but we are still in the real world, and as we know, it’s an unfair one. Therefor, as far as winners go, there can only be one. And to you, we offer our congratulations!

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